The Ghostbusters PKE Illumination brings an intuitive and attractive solution to skill shot visibility. The design replicates the illuminated PKE inserts without blocking the back box skyline. Plug and play installation. The Ghostbusters Flipper Bat covers provide the finishing touch to your games flippers. The covers include a raised No Ghosts symbol printed on durable, flexible, high quality acrylic with 3M backing. The Slimer Cover Set increases the aesthetics of ordinary playfield parts with bright green slime. The set includes two spotlight covers and a cover for the top of the Slimer mechanism. Snaps in place for quick installation The Ghost Trap is a realistic reproduction of the classic ghost trap from the Ghostbusters movie captures the feeling of a live ghost being captured. The trap includes virtually all the elements of the movie version in miniature. Plug and play installation. The Firehouse is a detailed facade that snaps on top of the games existing Firehouse. As a result, the scenes in the Firehouse windows are more prominently featured. Includes two Ghostbusters acrylic signs. The Firehouse is sure to be one of the most sought after accessories.


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Ghostbusters Mezel Mods Kit #1

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