01.   Why buy from us?

We are pinball people. We grew up playing pinball at Seaside Heights down the Jersey shore. Pinball is what we do. We have been selling pinball machines commercially for 21+ years. 

We are Coin-Op people.  We sell real commercial coin operated equipment to people just like you for use on “FREE PLAY”  in your home. 

We do not sell card tables or neon lights. We do not sell Japanese token operated Slot machines or Pachinko machines. We do not sell 3 piece slate pool tables made in China or Vietnam.  We sell the same games you play in the arcades and bars. They are Heavy Duty, made to last and parts are readily available!

We have been in the Coin-Op business since 1996, when we opened in Central Jersey as J & R Amusement, operating three showrooms. 

When you buy from us, you deal directly with me - Randy. When you buy from us, you can call or text me directly on my cell.  I am here to help and support you. 

You don’t get the run around from some sales guy at the mall or some Home Game Room rep that just added Pinball and Multicades to their product line and who doesn’t know a thing about operating and maintaining pinball machines. 

Give me a call.   You are going to love having a friend in the business!

02.   Do you buy machines?

Yes, we sure do. Give us a call and let's talk! We buy mostly later model dot matrix type pinball machines from 1990 up.


If you have a game to sell, give me a call to discuss.  Even if it is not one of the games we are interested in, I know tons of people that buy older games, even electro mechanical models. 

We have a truck with lift gate service and a pinball dolly to easily move the game out of your home. We come with cash in hand and pick up the game from you. You get paid in cash on the spot.

We also take your games on consignment.  Give me a call and let’s see what I can do for you.

03.   Would you consider a trade-in type purchase?

We take trade-ins every day. Give us a call and let's talk! We give a fair value for your trade-in model, and then we'll deduct that value from the price of your new game. You'll only pay sales tax on the difference. 

For example: If you trade in a game and we put $2,000 Trade Value on it and the new game is $5,000, then you only pay sales tax on the $3,000. That's a big savings! In this case about $210.

04.   What if you don't have a game in stock?

Give us a call and let's talk! We've been in business since 1996 so we have a database of customers and the games they purchased with us. We can give them a call to see if they want to trade-in, upgrade or sell it to us outright so you can have the perfect addition for your game room.

05.   Where are you located?

Please call 727-437-7770  to make an appointment to checkout all of the games in our HUGE Showroom. Try before you buy. We're located at: 1389 S Missouri Avenue,  Clearwater, FL 33756

06.   Just how big is a pinball machine? Will it fit through my doorway?

Pinball machines were designed to fit through most modern "standard" width doorways less than 32".  For example, Stern’s new Aerosmith machine is 28” wide. 

Pinball machines with a conventional pull back shooter plunger are about 54” from the back wall to the end of the shooter plunger. 

07.   Do you rent machines for parties?

Yes, we sure do. Give us a call and let's talk! We deliver and set up the games at your venue and then return to pick them up that day after the affair is over or the next morning. Learn more about Party Rentals.

08.   How often will I have to have my pinball machine serviced or repaired?

The pinball machines that we sell are all late model solid state games that are made for commercial use in Arcades, Bars and Family Entertainment Centers where they can get hundreds of plays a day. 

As much as you are going to play your games at home, that amount will be nothing compared to what they are designed for. 

The maintenance is typically very low on  games in the home environment.

Keep all drinks off of your games and DON”T let the kids have the keys to get inside… and it should be smooth sailing.

You will want to wax the playfield once or twice a year to keep it clean and playing fast!

09.   Help! Do you do house calls?

We're here to help. Give us a call or check out our YouTube site.


We are always available for Technical Phone support.

We service the games we sell locally here. For buyers outside of our local service area, we have a network of repair technicians across the country that we can refer you to for service.


We put our customers first.  We are very busy reconditioning our own games for sale and selling new Stern pinball machines.  We service our customers first.  If time allows, we will take on service jobs even if you bought your game elsewhere. 

10.   What is Sterns' Factory Warranty?

All new games are backed by Stern’s Factory Warranty.  Details are available in the Stern game manual for your new game. Stern is very responsive to customer’s warranty needs.

11.   What payment options do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, Checks, Wire Transfer and Cash

12.   I live in another state. How can I get one of your games?

We are a Stern Factory Authorized Dealer.  We can Drop Ship any new Stern pinball machine directly to your home from the factory.  

We can also ship new and reconditioned games from our showroom to you packed, boxed and strapped to a pallet. Detailed set up instructions are included. 


We are a high volume dealer and we get great freight rates from the trucking companies. We pass these savings on to you. 


We also have trucks running between our showroom and Central Jersey about once a month.  If you happen to live in the Central Jersey area, we get dirt cheap rates for deliveries to the warehouses there. Learn more about Shipping.

13.   What are my shipping options?

We have several shipping methods to accommodate your needs. Please call us for a detailed shipping quote. In the meantime, here is an overview of the various options and pricing for common game room products:

1. Local In-Home Delivery & Setup all over Florida.

2. Out-of-State Delivery & Setup can range between $300 to $350 for curbside delivery but it really depends. Best to call for a detailed shipping quote.

3. We don’t discourage customers picking up. A lot of people pick up their fun purchase all the time!

14.   Where to Find Parts to Maintain my Pinball?

The most popular replacements are usually the rubber rings, lights and the balls. For these generic parts, simply Contact Steve Young at the Pinball Resource by Phone at # 845-473-7114 or go to to find these items. We can Order and sell you STERN specific parts.      Look at our Tutorial Page for video tutorials.